KB430 Low Temp Silver Solder Paste Syringe 1/4 Oz.

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The new KB430 silver solder paste flows at a temperature of 430° - low enough to solder with a good lighter! Features an alloy with a non-tarnishing white color - ideal for repairing or producing costume jewelry. Use KB430 on nickel, German silver, tin, white bronze, stainless steel, silver, brass and bronze. Because of its low silver content (4%), KB430 is not suitable for manufacturing silver items, however it works great on those 'tricky' repairs when an ultra-low flowing solder is needed. Supplied in an easy applicator syringe.

  • Flow temp of 430° F
  • Non-tarnishing, white color
  • Includes applicator tips: 18 ga. and 20 ga
  • Low flowing solder
  • Use KB430 on a wide variety of metals
  • 1/4 oz.
  • Made in USA 

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