Paste Solder For Gold Filled 1 DWT Syringe

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Paste solder offers particular advantages when used when soldering rope chain, hollow shells, findings, earring posts, and jump rings. The Paste for Gold Filled contains a highly active combination of chemical fluxes added to the paste to clean and protect the base metal and solder during the heating cycle. The Paste for Gold Filled has a gold content of approximately one karat, or about the karat value of 1/20th 12 karat gold filled material, also known as 12/20. The extra easy flow point of 1250F (677C) helps prevent damage to the bonded gold layer caused by overheating.  The addition of Firescoff® Rh to the soldering operation adds greater protection to this layer by preventing firescale.  As with all low karat alloys, the solder will tarnish over time, and gold plating is required after soldering to insure uniformity of color and resist tarnishing.  In order to avoid the need to electroplate, use a soft 12K or 14K solder. This will prevent tarnishing of the solder joint and provide a better color match.

  • 1 Dwt Per Syringe
  • 2 Application Needles Included
  • Extra Easy Flow Point of 1250F
  • Gold Content Approximately One Karat
  • Gold Plating Recommended for Uniformity of Color and Resistance to Tarnishing 



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