Lindstrom 80 Series Flush Cut Cutters 8141 Small Oval

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Lindstrom 80-Series cutters

Tried and true performance for the traditional user

Surpassed only by our own Lindstrom Rx range, the Lindstrom 80-Series remains the top choice for the traditional user. This range of cutters offers unsurpassed cutting capacity covering a wide range of wire dimensions and types.

The technology that truly "started it all".

Precision screw joint  - All cutters from the 80-Series are equipped with a precision screw joint which:

  • Minimizes friction
  • Maximizes alignment of cutting edges

Replaceable springs - Due to the long life of 80-Series cutters, replaceable springs help reduce:

  • Down time
  • Stocking of substitute tools

Lead-catcher - Lindstrom's unique Lead-catcher is a patented accessory that holds just-cut wire. It leaves the operator in charge to determine when and where wire is released. Almost all 80-Series cutters can be factory equipped with a Lead-catcher.

Lindstrom Cutters

Many years ago, cutters were primarily used in heavy-duty work, such as cutting electrical wire and wires used in the telecom field. In those days cutters had to be designed with an overall ruggedness, able to withstand a drop from a ten-story building without being severely damaged. However, as electronics and other related industries developed, the requirements on tools, and in particular cutters, became more varied and demanding. Today there are cutters in all sizes and materials for all applications.

This range of cutters offers unsurpassed cutting capacity covering a wide range of applications.

*Forged from high-grade steel which provides incredible impact resistance and resiliency. Precision induction hardened allowing a Rockwell hardness of 63-65 which ranks among the highest of any cutters made.

*Available in traditional oval jaw design, tapered or tapered and relieved jaw with three cutting edge options:


*Double-leaf springs with textured surface non-slip handles.

Jaw-Flush,Overall Length 4.33",Jaw Length .39",Cut Capacity 1.25mm,.05",16 Ga.

Made in Spain