Loctite Threadlocker 222 Purple Jewelry Adhesive 6 ml

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Loctite® 222 Threadlocker Purple (previously # 221) is designed to lock threaded fasteners closed to protect against them vibrating loose. Since the threadlocker creates a tight seal between the threaded fastener and the item, it also prevents leaks and the threads from rusting. The threaded parts can always be disassembled with your typical hand tools, ensuring that you will be able to continue to use the items you want threadlocked. It is a low strength threadlocker that is ideal for fasteners 1/4" (6 mm) or smaller.

  • Loctite # 222 Thread Lock Seal
  • 6ml (0.20 fl oz) bottle
  • Torque (in lbs) Break/Prevail: 62/27
  • Max temp: 300°F/149°C
  • Provides non-permanent seal for screws
  • Ideal for small fasteners 1/4" inch (6mm) or smaller
  • Made in USA