Loctite Threadlocker 290 Green Adhesive 6 ml

Non-Returnable Product
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Loctite® Threadlocker 290 is high strength adhesive designed for locking and sealing threaded fasteners. It will also fill porosity in welds, castings, and powdered metal parts. This adhesive glue will wick between engaged threads eliminating the need to disassemble the piece prior to gluing. The glue will cure when it is confined in the space between close fitting metal surfaces where there is an absence of air.

  • Net 0.20 fl oz (6ML)
  • Torque (in lbs) Break/Prevail: 90/260
  • Max temp: 300°F/149°C
  • Made in USA

Warning: Contains Methacrylate ester. May cause allergic skin reaction. Avoid eye and skin contact. Keep out of reach of children. Read carefully other cautions on back of panel.


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