Make My Own Watch Tool Kit

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The official tool kit for Make My Own Watch Kit that will give you everything you need to build your own custom made watch. A must for any watchmaker of any level, beginners will love it. Anything that you may need for changing a battery like a pro, open most any type of watch and service things like; replacing watch gaskets, replacing watch battery, replacing watch crystal, replacing watch crown, replacing watch movement, fitting watch hands, and more..


  • Jaxa-Type Case Opener - excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm
  • 2.00mm Screwdriver - the second most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
  • 1.00mm Screwdriver - the first most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
  • 1.4mm Screwdriver - the third most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
  • 0.80mm Screwdriver
  • Brass Tweezers - ideal for replacing watch hands; soft enough to avoid scratching
  • #3, Tweezers - suitable for assembly work, has beveled edge
  • Polishing Cloth - helps remove any marks from watches and jewelry
  • Hand-Remover - takes the guessing out of removing hands from watches
  • Pin Vise - excellent for watch stems, ideal for using a small drill bit or small broaches
  • Cutting plier
  • Hand Press - set of 3
  • Spring Bar Tool - for removing hard to reach watch pins
  • Eye Loupe
  • Silicone Grease - a must - helps to reseal cases after changing batteries, helps keep moisture out use it always in the gasket and around the watch crown
  • Small dust blower bulb (54.135)
  • Rodico (6033)
  • 8 in 1 movement holder (59.241)
  • Large case holder with nylon pins (59.0760)
  • Dial protectors (75.016)
  • Finger cots
  • Super New Glue (12.200)
  • Case knife



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