The Integral Watch Tool Kit

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A deluxe tool kit that will give you everything you need to build your own custom made watch. A must for any watchmaker of any level, beginners will love it. Anything that you may need for changing a battery like a pro, for performing minor repairs in any watch or replacing a watch band.

These tools will allow you to open most any type of watch and service things like; replacing watch gaskets, replacing watch battery, replacing watch crystal, replacing watch crown, replacing watch movement, sizing watch band, replacing watch band, replacing or adjusting watch band clasp, fitting watch hands, removing watch band links, and more. You will find everything you need here. Ideal for traveling or using in fairs, kiosks or as a hobby.  

Tools included:


  • Make My Own Watch Tool Kit (99.597)
    • Jaxa-Type Case Opener - excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm
    • 2.00mm Screwdriver - the second most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
    • 1.00mm Screwdriver - the first most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
    • 1.4mm Screwdriver - the third most needed screwdriver for watchmakers
    • 0.80mm Screwdriver
    • Brass Tweezers - ideal for replacing watch hands; soft enough to avoid scratching
    • #3, Tweezers - suitable for assembly work, has beveled edge
    • Polishing Cloth - helps remove any marks from watches and jewelry
    • Hand-Remover - takes the guessing out of removing hands from watches
    • Pin Vise - excellent for watch stems, ideal for using a small drill bit or small broaches
    • Cutting plier
    • Hand Press - set of 3
    • Spring Bar Tool - for removing hard to reach watch pins
    • Eye Loupe
    • Silicone Grease - a must - helps to reseal cases after changing batteries, helps keep moisture out use it always in the gasket and around the watch crown
    • Small dust blower bulb 
    • Rodico 
    • 8 in 1 movement holder
    • Watch case holder - crab style 
    • Dial protectors
    • Finger cots
    • Super New Glue
    • Case knife
  • Watch-Tec Watch band tool kit (59.0293)
    • Mallet with metal/ fiberglass faces
    • Metal spring bar tool
    • 5 flat head screwdrivers (.60mm to 1.40mm)
    • 3 watch band punches (oval, square and rectangle)
    • Bracelet holding block
    • 3 band pin punches
    • Stainless steel tweezer
    • Watch band measuring gauge 
  • Deluxe Watch Crystal Press/Case Press with Dies  (59.0815)
  • LED Illuminating Headband Magnifier (29.568)



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