Metal Scratch Brush set of 3 in Fiberglass Steel and Brass

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Metal ferrule scratch brushes are excellent tools when dealing with watch repair and jewelry making. This set of 3 scratch brushes gives you a nice variety of soft, medium and hard bristle scratch brushes. The metal ferrules or bristles are made of fiberglass (soft), brass (medium) and steel (hard) so you have the ability to work with delicate watch parts and not leave deep scratches or cause damage, and they also can remove tough rust from metals or clean drill bits and burs of debris. The brushes have plastic bodies and are 4.6" Inches (119mm) in length and have approximately 4mm diameter tips. The metal bristles are exposed by twisting the end of the brush and retracted the same way so you can control the length exposed and keep advancing the ferrules as they wear down. The ferrules can also be trimmed when they are worn or trimmed to an angle to get into hard to reach areas. The ferrules are approximately 1.1" Inches (28mm) in length.

  • Set of 3 metal ferrule scratch brushes in fiberglass (soft), brass (medium) and steel (hard)
  • Scratch brushes work well for removing rust and corrosion, cleaning out burs and twist drill and cleaning and polishing various other items
  • Bristles are advanced and retracted by turning end of brush
  • Brushes measure 4.6" Inches (119mm) in length and with 4mm diameter tips