Mounted Mini Felt Buffs 13 Piece Assortment

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Assortment of mounted felt bobs in a variety of shapes. Mounted on 3/32" shanks. Ideal for polishing and buffing concave surfaces or small objects and can be used with a flex-shaft to produce a high shine finish. Made of solid felt with a medium density. Shapes include: Cylinder (12x20mm, 10x18mm[2 pieces], 6x15mm), Bullet (12x20mm, 10x18mm, 6x15mm), Flame (10x15mm), Round Top Cylinder (10x18mm, 8x15mm) Flat Top Taper (10x18mm), Inverted Flat Top Taper (10x18mm), Drum (10x15mm).

  • Mini felt assortment
  • 13 piece kit
  • 3/32" shanks
  • Medium density