Optiloupe Lens Attachment 2.5x Loupe for OptiVisor Jewelers Tool LP-1

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The Optivisor magnifier is great tool for viewing smaller items when working, reading, repairing or doing just about anything else. Now the OptiLoupe enhances that by adding the additional power of an eye loupe. With the Optiloupe you can get the extra magnification for viewing items like gemstones or working on small watch parts. The OptiLoupe fits on the OptiVisor and OptiVisor LX and adds 2.5X to whatever lens you have installed. It can even be used with either of our lighting systems installed. The OptiLoupe swivels up or down for quick and handy use whenever it is needed.

  • It is designed for monocular use, the OptiLoupe easily flips up or down
  • OptiLoupe provides an additional 2.5X magnification on top of lens magnification
  • This easily attaches to either side of any OptiVisor magnifier
  • Great for jewelers, artists, watchmakers and more
  • The Lens measures approximately 1 1/16" (27 mm)
  • Product size 1.9" X 1.4" X 0.4" Inches (47 X 36 X 10mm
  • Made in USA