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Panerai® Style Screw Bar Watch Band Parts

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Product Description

These Panerai style screw bars are handy to have on hand as they can be used on Panerai watches or the new extra large watch cases made today. These screw bars have one end that is permanently fixed while the other end threads into the tube. The heads on these are slightly larger than the bar itself. Since these screw bars are sold individually, you will always have just the right size on hand. Sold individually in white. All have thread size 1.20mm with the head diameter of 2.0mm except 81.031 which is thread size .95mm with head diameter 1.70mm. These screw bars are available in the following sizes:


Part Number Bar Length Bar Thickness Head Diameter Head Length Thread Diameter Overall Length
81.031 26.5mm 1.40mm 1.7mm 2.25mm 1.00mm 31.1mm
81.032 23.0mm 1.50mm 2.0mm 2.25mm 1.20mm 27.5mm
81.033 25.5mm 1.50mm 2.0mm 2.25mm 1.20mm 30.0mm
81.034 24.0mm 1.70mm 2.0mm 2.40mm 1.20mm 28.7mm
81.035 25.5mm 1.80mm 2.0mm 2.50mm 1.20mm 30.5mm
81.036 25.0mm 1.70mm 2.0mm 2.50mm 1.20mm 30.0mm