Plastic Envelope Holder Wide for Jewelers and Watchmakers 3 x 5 Inch Job Repair Envelopes

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This handy plastic job envelope storage tray and holder is a great way to organize 3" x 5" job envelopes. Similar to item # 75.242, except this model is wider for larger envelopes and more stability. This four section tray makes it easy to organize multiple sets of orders and jobs. The holder is made of a durable clear plastic (acrylic) making it easy to see through and find jobs. Dividers can be removed to reduce tray sections. Overall dimensions measure 10-7/8" x 4-3/16" x 3-3/4" inches, envelopes sold separately.

  • Identical to our popular envelope organizer #75.242, but wider to accommodate larger sized envelopes
  • Contains 3 removable dividers keep envelopes upright for easy access
  • Great way to keep your repair and storage envelopes organized and ready for quick retrieval and identification
  • Measures approximately 4-3/16" inches Wide and 10-7/8" inches in Length