Raytech Onyx Mag 4 Centrifugal Magnetic Tumbler

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Magnetic finishing is a fast and efficient way to burnish or polish small, non-ferrous metal articles- especially pieces with fine detail.  Originally developed for the mass finishing of jewelry castings to cut final work time in half, magnetic finishers have become a favorite at the repair bench for cleanup after soldering, sizing, and setting. The magnetic finisher gives a pre-final polish in minutes.  Tiny stainless steel pins - just 0.5mm in diameter - are driven by a magnetic, centrifugal force creating a "cleaning cyclone" to reach places polishing wheels cannot.  The CMF process does not remove metal or take away detail like engraving, lettering, or logos.  It will help in reducing time spent (and gold loss) at the polishing machine using heavy buffing and abrasives. Raytech's  Onyx Mag-4 is compact in size, just 6" x 6" x 6" tall, designed for 8-12 rings or 100 gram capacity.  It has a 1/32 HP motor, 0-180 minute timer, and pause switch. Supplied ready to use with stainless steel pins (250 grams, 0.5mm X 5mm) and a small bottle of Raytech M solution.

  • Raytech superior direct drive, fan cooled motor
  • Imparts smooth, uniform surface finish
  • Bowl diameter is 4"
  • 0-180 minute timer
  • Variable speed
  • Programmable, FWD/REV
  • 8-12 ring or up to 100 gram load capacity
  • 50-100 gram stainless steel pin capacity (3.5 oz)
  • Supplied with stainless steel pins and Compound M (10 ml)