Ring Sizer Jewelry Finding Spring Ring Guard 3 mm Yellow Gold Filled

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Our Spring Ring Guards are self adjusting ring sizers allowing rings to adjust from 3/4 of a ring size up to 3 ring sizes smaller. The hidden leaf spring assures a firm even tension when fitting over knuckles, making it smooth and comfortable to wear. Simply put the ring guard inside the lower part of the band, fold over tabs to fit tightly to the band. This method of sizing a ring is cost effective and avoids permanently changing a ring size by having to cut and re solder the shank. Notice: Spring Ring guards should be ordered based on the mm width of your ring/band. This style of a ring guard will only work with rings that are a finger size of 5.75 or larger. Spring ring guards are not intended to be used on rings shanks that graduate significantly in mm width.

  • Yellow Gold Filled
  • 3.0 MM (To Fit a Band Width of 3.0 MM)
  • Works with rings that are a finger size of 5.75 or larger
  • Spring Ring Guards are sold Per Piece
  • If you are unsure of which mm width to order, please visit:



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