Screw Holding Screwdriver Phillips or Straight Blade Tip

Screw Holding Screwdriver Phillips or Straight Blade Tip
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This handy little screwdriver can help you avoid a lot of frustration that goes hand in hand with small screws commonly seen in watches and eye glasses. These screwdrivers feature a clamp around the screwdriver blade that will hold the screw in place and straight while you install it or remove it. Simply press on the end of the screwdriver and the clamps open, the spring loaded blade will push back until you release the handle, then the self-adjusting jaws will close leaving the blade and screw locked in place so there is no movement while tightening or loosening your screws, when your done simply press end of the handle and the screw is released. The screwdriver features a ball-bearing head and a large knurled grip body for excellent control and grip. The screwdrivers are available in a 2mm Phillips blade and 2mm flat blade, each sold separately. Overall length of the screwdriver is 4.75" inches with a 5/16" inch (8mm) diameter body.

  • Screw-Holding screwdriver holds screws straight and securely in place while installing or removing them
  • Screwdrivers are available in 2mm Phillips blade or 2mm straight (flat-head) blade
  • Screwdrivers sold individually (per piece)
  • Non-slip knurled grip body is 5/16" inches (8mm) in diameter
  • Overall length is 4-3/4" inches (121mm)