Tri-Point Screwdrivers

Tri-Point Screwdrivers
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The Tri-Point is a new generation of fastener used in many cell-phones, digital cameras and hand held electronics. Similar to phillips drivers, but the tips have three points rather than four. The tri-point fasteners are used by Sanyo®, Kyocera®, Fuji®, Nintendo Game Boy®, etc. on a variety of products. Tri-point, chrome vanadium blades are reversible, in size #0 (2.5mm) and #1 (3.2mm). Our sets are available with your choice of handle - aluminum (blue anodized, length 3.5") or ESD-safe (ergonomic, anti-static, length 3.75"). Supplied with two blades, one each size. Replacement blades are available.

  • Precision tri-point drivers
  • Set includes handle and two blades
  • Choose from aluminum or ESD-safe handle
  • Blades are double ended, reversible
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime replacement warranty