Watch Band Sizing Kit with Hammer Band Block and Set of Friction Pin Punches

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For those who still would prefer to have a good, old-fashioned ball-peen hammer in their hand, this is exactly the kit youre looking for. The kit includes everything you need for removing links from watch bands and sizing most bracelets that use friction pin style links. Included is a ball-pein hammer, a wooden band holding block and 2 heavy-duty set-screw style pin punches. The pins are made of tempered steel and come in sizes .80 and 1.00mm, the pin holders or punch bodies themselves are large with a knurled grips to make them easier to work with. They have a diameter of 8mm and are approximately 60mm long. Replacing pins requires loosening of the set screw, removal of the old pin, installation of the new pin, tightening and that's it. The kit includes 2 extra replacement pins of each size. The included band block holds the watch band bracelet securely in place and allows you to work on your watch without the risk of scratching or marring the case. The band block has 4, 5 and 6mm slots for holding various sized bands. The mini hammer included is just the right size for working on watches and tapping the 2 large pin punches, the hammer has a 2" head and is 8" inches in length. For more information on the procedures involved in using this kit please refer to the article and video linked below.

  • Watch bracelet pin punch set with hammer and band block for removing friction pins and sizing watch bands
  • Comes with a small ball-peen hammer, two heavy-duty tempered steel punches .80 and 1.00mm and a wooden bracelet holder
  • Bracelet holder is non-marring, contains 4, 5 and 6mm slots and has overall dimensions of 60 x 60 x 30mm
  • Ball-pein hammer is 8" inches in length and has a 2" inch head
  • Pin Punches are heavy-duty with knurled bodies for secure grip, they are set-screw style for easy pin replacement
  • Punches come in 2 sizes - .80 and 1.00mm with 2 x replacement pins of each size
  • Great DIY watch band sizing tool, easy to use and pays for itself after sizing one watch

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