Watch Bands


Knowing which style of watch band is right for you is a very personal choice, you might want a flexible but comfortable expanding band or a stylish leather band that is padded for winter or summer wear, something that can be quickly adjusted by a clasp or a metal band with removable links. Almost anyone can change, modify, or replace watch bands with very few tools and instruction, to learn how check out our Watch Band Replacement Guide.

Here, at Esslinger you can choose from an enormous variety of watch band styles and colors. Whether you want to update the look of your watch with a new watch band, or your watch band has been worn beyond recognition and is broken or falling apart, you’ll find the perfect watch band replacement you’re looking for at Instead of throwing away your beloved watch, simply rejuvenate it with a new watch band: it will save you both time and money when you get a replacement watch strap instead of a whole new watch.

Click Here for Our Watch Band Replacement Guide