Watch Opener Brass Handle Case Opener Square Pins

Temporarily Out of Stock

This new watch case back opener milled entirely out of brass was designed for screw-back watch cases. It has a 4 ½ inch handle and has a width of 37 mm at the tip of the bits and 32 mm at the base of the bits. You will have plenty of leverage to help you get those stubborn case backs off. This watchmakers tool can be used to remove backs from most department style watches.

We recommend that you do not use this tool on high grade watches with a factory seal. We also recommend that beginners do not use it due to the greater distance from the bits to the handle (creating a tilting risk when applying torque).

  • Square pins
  • Milled out of brass
  • 4 ½ inch handle
  • DO NOT use on high grade watches
  • DO NOT use if you are a beginner
  • Product size 5.2" X 0.9" X 0.7" Inches (131 X 23 X 16mm)



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