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Rotating Soldering Pans with Attachable Third Hand (select size)

Pumice Soldering Pan
Pumice Soldering PanRotating Soldering Pan with Third Hand
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These handy pumice lined soldering hands are very handy! They rotate 360 degrees with easy access from any angle. The heat reflecting pumice is perfect for supporting your project in any position - flat or embedded. Choose from the 7" inch diameter pan with or without an attachable third hand or for more soldering space we offer our bigger 12" diameter size with attachable third hand! Each pan included pumice. Tweezers and replacement pumice available separately.

  • Rotating soldering bowls
  • Pumice Lined
  • Available with or without 3rd hand clamp
  • Available in 7" or 12" inch diameter
  • Pans rotate 360 degrees

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Kool Jool Jewelry Soldering Protector 8 oz. Jar
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Kool Jool Jewelry Soldering Protector 8 oz. Jar
Jewelers, you have finally found the perfect way to protect gemstones while solder or apply heat without removing them. Simply use Kool Jool solution to protect all jewels (except opals) from heat when soldering. And it easily rinses off in water.
Soldering platform
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Adjustable Jewelry Soldering Platform and Third Hand Tweezers
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Cool Cup
Cool Cup for Jewelry Soldering
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Cool Cup for Jewelry Soldering
The cool cup has a tweezers that is attached right to the cup. Simply put your jewelry item in the tweezers, fill the cup with water and you are ready to solder. Keeps gemstones and diamonds cool while working on jewelry, repairing jewelry or designing.
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Charcoal Soldering Block (each)
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Charcoal Soldering Block (each)
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Therma-Guard Protective Jewelry Blanket 2 oz. Jar
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Therma-Guard Protective Jewelry Blanket 2 oz. Jar
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Solder Protector
Firescoff Jewelry Soldering Protector Spray Bottle 1oz. ( 30ml )
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Firescoff Jewelry Soldering Protector Spray Bottle 1oz. ( 30ml )
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