Attack Epoxy Resin and Adhesive Dissolver Solvent Remover and Cleaner

Non-Returnable Product - Product Can Only Ship Ground Within The Contiguous United States
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This product is designed to dissolve cured epoxy and resins without harming most adjacent materials. It is great for separating misaligned bonded items and cleaning up cured resins from metal, stones, glass, wood, and many other materials making the finished product look just like new. It is ideal for bead cleaning.

  • Dissolves cured epoxy and polyester resins
  • Safe to use on most materials
  • Separates misaligned bonded items
  • Safe for use on metal, stones, glass, and wood
  • Cleans beads also
  • 8 oz. metal container

Caution: Vapor Harmful. Store away from foodstuffs. Read Other Cautions on the Safety Data Sheet Below

Liquids, Gels, Oil, and Solder Return Policy  

All liquids, gels, solders, test acids, oils and similar products are non-returnable. If a product arrives damaged, a claim would need to be made within 10 days of receipt of goods. Shipping of liquids is limited to the contiguous United States. 

Hazardous materials cannot be returned. The U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration can levy fines up to $55,000 or imprison people who attempt to ship hazardous materials. 

Click Here for MSDS Datasheet