Jewelers Epoxy 330 Clear

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This Jewelers Epoxy 330, is a clear glue that bonds quickly with a fast setting time. It can be used to bond gem materials to metal findings, and it takes a high polish for inlay. It can be used to invisibly bond glass, china, ceramics, stone, metals, and other non-porous materials. It will regularly thicken within 15 minutes and harden within 2 hours. But if used with a heat lamp, it will harden in 10 minutes. Comes with two 1/2 fl oz tubes.

  • Clear adhesive
  • Bonds gem materials to metal findings
  • Bonds glass, china, ceramics, stone, metals, and other non porous materials
  • Normally thickens within 15 minutes and hardens within 2 hours
  • With a heat lamp, it hardens within ten minutes
  • Two 1/2 fluid ounce tubes included
  • Product size 4.6" X 1.3" X 1.2" Inches (116 X 32 X 31mm)

CAUTION: Contains amine and epoxy resins, will cause burns to skin and eyes. May cause allergic skin reactions. Use in a well ventilated area, avoid breathing vapors. 

Liquids, Gels, and Oil Return Policy

All liquids, gels, solders, test acids, oils and similar products are non-returnable. If a product arrives damaged, a claim would need to be made within 10 days of receipt of goods.


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