Brass Wire End Brushes on 3/32 Inch Mandrels Length 1/4 Inch Diameter 3/8 Inch Pack of 12

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Crimped brass wire end brushes come in a package of 12, they have a 1/4" inch bristle length and 3/8" inch diameter heads which are mounted on 3/32" mandrels for quick mounting into drill, flex shaft or other rotary tools. Brass offers a stiff bristle that is non-sparking and won't scratch softer metals. Work well on yellow metals such as copper and brass.

End brushes mounted on mandrels fit directly into flex-shaft units for quick cleaning on difficult jobs and in tight areas. Also work for rough polishing, cleaning, deburring, rust removal, creating special finishes and general metal surface work on a variety of hard materials such as gold, silver, copper, brass, steel and more. The crimped wire is used to achieve softer or matte finishes.

Below is a list of uses for a variety of brush styles.  This will help you choose which brush will be the right one for the job you are working on.

  • Soft bristle - for fine polishing
  • Stiff bristle - for cleaning
  • Brass Wire - for Gold, copper and brass, non-sparking, softer than steel, won't scratch soft metals
  • Steel Wire - for white metals like, silver, white gold, platinum etc
  • Straight Wire or lightly crimped - for stronger cleaning, deburring and surface finishing
  • Crimped Wire - for a softer or matte finish