Double Serrated Link Pin Kit For Watch Bands

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This double serrated pressure fit link pin assortment contains 18 different lengths of link pins. Both ends of each pressure pin has a serrated star that gets pounded into the oversized pin holes to keep the pin firmly in place. 

These pins are sturdier than cotter pins and can fit into the worn out, oversized holes on many watch bands or to replace screw type link pins once the threaded pin hole has become stripped.

  • Solid stainless steel pins
  • Pins have a serration on both ends for extra security
  • Includes 18 different lengths from 7.0mm to 24.0mm in whole sizes
  • Pins are 1.0mm in diameter
  • Star serrated ends are 1.10mm in diameter
  • Sturdier than cotter pins
  • Simply pound pin to fit it in place
  • Can be used to replace cotter pins and threaded link pins
  • 4 pins of each size
  • Refills available