Horotec Watch Tester Turbo Tester for Train Wheels

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The Horotec® Turbo Tester is used for testing the mechanical side of quartz analog movements. Use this tester as a complement to your traditional watch battery tester as it tests the inside workings of your quartz watch movement and helps you determine if replacing your watch battery will actually fix the problem or if there is another issue with the movement.

If you have already replaced your watch battery, but the hands of the watch are still not working you can use the Turbo Tester check the train wheels that control the hands. Sometimes these gears can get stuck due to a build up of dust or dry oils and all it takes to get them working again is a jump start. The Turbo uses magnetic impulsion to get the train wheels moving again for you and it will start the hands spinning at turbo speeds - for best results you will want to let the Turbo Tester drive the train wheels for about two minutes. If the hands do not move smoothly around the watch dial while on the tester, you will know there is another issue with the movement. When you remove the watch from the tester, the hands should continue to work at normal speed if the battery is good and the train wheels were the problem. If they do not, you will know that there is something else wrong with the watch.

To operate, lay the watch out face up on the tester so you can watch the hands move. You may have to adjust the watch's position on the tester until the pulse is directed at the right point inside the movement. You can only use this tester on electronic quartz movements, mechanical watches lack the parts to respond to the pulse. 

  • Operates with magnetic impulsion
  • Jump starts train wheels
  • Powered by 1 included 9 volt battery
  • Cannot be used to test mechanical watches

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