OptiVisor Headband Magnifier Replacement Lens Plate 1.5x - 3.5x

OptiVisor Headband Magnifier Replacement Lens Plate 1.5x - 3.5x
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 The OptiVisor headband magnifier by Donegan Optical is used in many professional and hobbyist fields and allows hands-free viewing with clarity and comfort. The OptiVisor prismatic lenses are constructed with the highest quality optical glass mounted in high impact plastic frames and are interchangeable, allowing the user to use the same headband for different magnifications and work distances. The lenses are mounted with the use of plastic pins which allow users to quickly and easily remove and install different lenses. The replacement OptiVisor lenses are available in the following magnifications and focal lengths: 1.5x - 20", 1.75x - 14", 2x - 10", 2.5x - 8", 2.75x - 6" and 3.5x - 4" inches. Each lens frame measures 4" x 1.5" inches. Made in the USA.


  • This is a new OptiVisor lens (available in 6 sizes)
  • The lenses are composed of Optical glass prismatic lenses (crown ophthalmic glass)
  • The lenses are ground and polished to precision optical standards with beveled edges and mounted in interchangeable plastic frames
  • Lens plates can quickly and easily be replaced with different power lenses for high versatility
  • Great for jewelers, hobbies, artists, watchmakers and more
  • See the chart below for lens model and the power / focal distance
  • Made in USA
Lens No. Focal Length Magnification
29.485 (LP 2) 20″ 1.5x Power
29.486 (LP 3) 14″ 1.75x Power
29.487 (LP 4) 10″ 2x Power
29.488 (LP 5) 8″ 2.5x Power
29.489 (LP 7) 6″ 2.75x Power
29.490 (LP 10) 4″ 3.5x Power