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Huge Inventory of Watch Parts

Watch Parts

Esslinger & Co. specializes in having the tools and supplies for the professional jeweler to the part-time hobbyist. Our inventory is extensive and allows for one-stop shopping for a successful business. Watches are a popular accessory today as well as a collectible. Being able to find the best watch parts for repairs at competitive prices is our specialty. Our inventory includes; movements, gaskets, case tubes, stem kits, crowns and crystals. Simple repairs can be made with our watch battery kit, watch repair kit and replacement bands.

Organize With a Watch Battery Kit

Watch Battery Kit

Your business can profit from having batteries in stock for customers. Buying batteries individually is not as economical as buying in bulk. Esslinger & Co. offers a comprehensive selection of horology supplies. The watch battery kit is a brilliant solution to your organizational needs. Servicing watch parts is easy with our 60-drawer cabinet and over 130 battery sizes for the huge variety of watches on the market today. Our deluxe kit comes with a tester, training booklet and a cross reference guide. A competent sales staff can be easily trained on how to choose the correct battery.

Battery Removal Accessories

Some watch batteries can be difficult to replace. It is best to have the right tool for the job. A battery tool kit provides a variety of instruments for any situation whether you need to remove screws or twist the back off a watch. The right wrench or screwdriver allows for quick and easy removal of the battery without having to worry about scratching the exterior of the timepiece. Our kit carries a selection of tweezers and tools to help remove the battery without harming the delicate interior of the wristwatch. Esslinger & Co. has a variety of watch supplies available for any other repair needed as well.

Shop Now

Esslinger & Co. has been in business for 85 years. We pride ourselves on quick processing and next day delivery for your business or personal purchases. Our knowledgeable sales staff is eager to help you with your questions and offer advice about our quality products. We stock the newest tools and supplies for the ever-changing advances in technology and design.

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