Watch Battery Tester and Watch Pulse Analyzer

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This is the smart way to test analog, quartz watches for mechanical defects. This watch analyzer was designed for testing watches for a wide variety of mechanical defects. It also allows you to test a watch battery to see if it is working and running well. This unique Test feature allows you to find out, with reasonable certainty and before actually opening an analog quartz watch, if the watch requires a battery change or watch repair. The watch battery tester has two battery testing positions, Silver 1.55V and Lithium 3.0V. The Silver position is valid for testing both low and high drain Silver Oxide batteries, Multi-Drain watch batteries, and Alkaline button cells. The Lithium position is valid for both CR and BR Lithium 3 Volt battery systems. The Watch and Battery tester is based upon the latest technology.

  • Compact and portable tester
  • Test both silver and lithium batteries
  • Features an automatic shut-off function after 2 minutes
  • Pulse tester uses one CR2430 lithium cell
  • Size 4" diameter x 1.7" inches (103 x 42mm)


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