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Great Inventory Of Jewelers Tools

Jewelers Tools

A wide range of supplies fills our inventory so that you can always find what you need to complete a design or repair a piece. We carry watch repair tools such as watch battery replacement tools like the "Snappy" Opener that allows you to pop the back off easily, or, especially for screw-back cases, the Brass Handle Case Opener, which allows you all the leverage you need to remove those contentious case backs. Available with square or round pins, these brass pieces are always in stock. Because we've been around so long, we know how to take care of our jewelers. Tools like the three-position hand press or the L-G case wrench that's used for Rolex Oyster cases are just a few of the many finely crafted precision tools built to make your work run more smoothly.

New, Standard, Watch Battery Replacement Tools

Watch Battery Replacement

New to you may be the case opener ball. It's one of those strange ideas that just work. Because the tackiness of its surface allows for a broad area of contact, this opener grips really well; you'll have your screw-on casebacks open in a jiffy. It's one of our newer watch battery replacement tools, and that's significant because we carry such a wide variety of supplies and represent the best tool and equipment makers in the business. Our investment in quality is only second to our dedication to our customers, the jewelers. Tools, supplies, gems, watches, parts, just everything you need to take your craftsmanship to the highest level of excellence. From new-fangled plastic squishy balls to plain old-fashioned brass instruments, you can find the best device for your purposes; count on it. At you can find many items to get your Jewelry selling business going with loose faceted gemstones, and jeweler supplies.


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