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Jewelry Making Tools

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Jewelry Tools and Repair Tools

Whether you are a custom jewelry designer, interested in jewelry repair, or just looking for jewelry cleaner, Esslinger can provide the tools and jewelry making supplies to make your job easier. We offer jewelry tools for all types of jewelry making projects, as well as all kinds of materials that you could be working with. Every jewelry repair shop needs an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, steam cleaner, hand tools, and a jeweler’s bench, and we carry all the supplies you need to get started in one place. Jewelry designers that are fabricating and casting precious metals will also need torches, cutting supplies, and soldering equipment. Whatever your level of interest in making jewelry, we have the tools and cleaners that you need, so take some time to shop through the hundreds of tools and supplies on available here.

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X-acto Soft Grip Cutter
Soft-Grip Knife X-acto Style Precision Utility Cutter
Your Price: $4.95
Soft-Grip Knife X-acto Style Precision Utility Cutter
Soft grip knife can be used for a variety of tasks like cutting molds, PMC, metal clay, wax carving and more. The soft handle makes it more comfortable on your hand when using.
Finger Protective Tape
Finger Pro Finger Protective Tape
Your Price: Starting at $7.99
Finger Pro Finger Protective Tape
This unique tape sticks only to itself, not your skin. Available in 3/4" or 1" width rolls.
Nylon Hammer
Artistic Wire Nylon Hammer
Your Price: $4.99
Artistic Wire Nylon Hammer
Economy 6" inch nylon hammer is useful for wire working, flattening and strengthening wire designs and working with eyelets and grommets.
tapered pins
Tapered Pins for Watch and Jewelry Repair - 100 Assorted Brass and Steel Pins
Your Price: $12.99
Tapered Pins for Watch and Jewelry Repair - 100 Assorted Brass and Steel Pins
This handy assorted brass and steel pin package is just the thing for watchmakers, and jewelers too. 1" inch tapered friction pins in a variety of sizes are perfect to keep around your bench.

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